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      Tragic Love


Tragic Love

Hey gran little Carol and Bob says, Carol then says Granny why have you never marry, granny says I have been married to a wonderful man he was my one and only true love, Carol say’s tell us about him go on say’s Bob

Granny starts her story, well when I was 24 I met your granddad in a unusual way, I had a boyfriend who was not a nice man at all we were walking along near the three leg pub he wanted money for a drink, I told him no he started to hit me about my head shouting give me money you stupid woman, then out of the blue Dave came over and pulled the guy off me told the boyfriend to go never come back,

The boyfriend said to Dave I’ll kill you one day

I was in a right state had a cut to my face and was crying, Dave took me home he made me a cup of tea, we talked and talked it soon was late he told me he was going to watch puffin’s at the coast , I said have never seen one, he looked at me and said want to come with me

Tomorrow , I said ok then.

The next day early Dave pick me up we went to the coast soon we was watching the puffin’s

We got on great suddenly we shared our first kiss, it was magic, Dave looked at me and said you look beautiful now you will be know has my princess, He was so handsome , we went out for a meal then when we got home we kissed and kissed, I was so happy he was such a good guy, he said would I go out with him tomorrow for a meal I said sure, he kissed me goodnight, the next day we went to the picture’s we was kissing on the back row it was so romantic, then we went for a meal he looked into my eyes then he shook me when he said my princess will you marry me,

I looked in shock at him we have only just met, I know said Dave but you are the one for me want you to be my princess, Carol said what did you say gran , I said yes yes yes

We then kissed, then she remembers to her self when they got home how they kissed and kissed so passionately , she takes Dave by the hand soon they are both naked in bed he kisses her all over her wonderful body soon they make love for the first time they sleep in each others arms,

Two weeks they go out every night both meet each others parents everyone is so happy,

Well children she says Dave came one day he said tomorrow we shall be married, I said you must be joking, no said Dave come on, where are we going I said, Dave smiled Gretna we are going to be married my princess, so we went to Gretna and to my surprise my parents and his were there, we married in the smithy at Gretna it was so romantic can still remember Dave telling me how much he loved me I was so much in love with him.

She thinks to herself about that night there first has man and wife they were in a four poster bed with rose scented candles, they kiss soon has they got into the room Dave pinning her to the wall has they both kiss and kiss soon they are both naked on bed they make love straight away ,that was lovely princess Dave say’s lets

Have fun lay face down princess he then kisses the back of her head neck all down her back over and over he kisses she groans has he kisses the cheeks of her bum then all of the back of her legs bottom of her feet turn over Dave says he kisses her toes and legs, then he kisses her between the legs she groans ohhhhh

Dave then kisses her tummy her breast’s , his hand’s all over her Breasts has they start to make love again wowwowwow Dave’s princess cry’s

She then tell’s her grandchildren after three weeks we went on our honeymoon we went to Carbis Bay in Cornwall , one day we went on the beach we went into the sea he pulled me close to him we kissed and kissed more and more, I looked deep into his eyes I have some news, what’s that Dave says , we are going

To have a baby, Dave lifted me up he was so happy oh my princess he said I love you so much, but out the corner of my eye , five people one who I knew, come on Dave lets go back hotel, we just started to get the towels when my ex boyfriend came over remember me he said Now you will pay he called his two mate’s they grabbed Dave he fought but knock down , two girls held me tight I was struggling

Right pal the three men walked my Dave into the sea and held his head under the water for about ten second’s , I told you I would kill you he held Dave under water again for ages then lifted his head out and dropped him on the beach I

Rushed over tried to move him closer to the shore the five people were laughing has I tried to give Dave the kiss of life I was crying no no please no, Dave looked at me said I love you Princess, but that evil ex boyfriend put his head back under the water for at least a minute

Soon the police ambulance came sadly Dave died in my arms, she begins to cry has her grandchildren cry in her arms

She said I will never marry again , we had a nice daughter sadly he never did see now we have good grandchildren

Carol say’s wish I had seen my Granddad he was great what happen to them who killed him she ask’s ,they were sentence to life in jail

WE love you gran the kids say



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