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      Loves a Race


The rush of the wind sends your love my way

I cant help but just let it flow into my heart

Drifting with thought

Spinning up towards the sky

I ask myself why

You have the heart I long for.

as the wind dies down i fall into pieces

Walking I see the dreams that shattered around me

Am I ever going to wake up

or is this love real

I search for the answer

and all I hear is your soft whispers

that are filled with pain

I open my eyes only to see his face.

Why do you disappear from my sight

I need you even more now

not just for the night

The endless road of broken hearts

leads me to an unknown place

I found you but i see no face

does this mean I have a choice

or is there a race between love

I dont want us to end, please try your best and win

Im in the middle of two hearts

but mine is falling apart

confused and willing

I need to know who my heart belongs to.

- Tessa.


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