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      I fell In love with an angel


It was September 4th, and the weather was unsettled. Dark clouds hovered low and I stood under the building, waiting for the rain to stop. With my shoulders sagged and my clothes drenched, I knew I resembled a pathetic little puppy, lost in the rain. But I continued waiting.

And then, he appeared. Just like the leading guy character in those romance movies. He walked towards me with an umbrella and asked me whether if I wanted a shelter to wherever I wanted to go.
I nodded my head, partially unable to believe that anyone would be kind enough to shelter me.
We chatted, and I managed to make a conversation with him barely.
Finally, he sent me back to my apartment.
I thanked him and he nodded his head understandingly.
"Are you free-" I said quickly due to the erratic beating of my heart. And he frowned at me, and said, "can you repeat it slower?"
I stared at him, and he smiled lightly, "I can't hear."
I gasped, "I...I can't hear too..." I said, softly.
"Maybe it's fate,, are you free this sat?" he asked, and I nodded my head quickly.
He smiled widely, "great. Cos I'd like to take you out."
I nodded my head once again, unable to get that dizzy feeling out of my head.
He's, Dave and I'm Cheris, and we've been happily dating for two yrs.

Oh, and are you wondering how we communicated?

.....We were lip reading!


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