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      Love Hurts


There is always a point in life where you have a dream where you find or think you found that certain person that you knew you would fall in love with but……. Sometimes that dream just vanishes and disappears out in the ocean, very deep in the ocean where you cannot reach.”Love” is a strong word. People use the word love to express how much feelings you may have with the love of your life. “Like” well is a good easy stable word but, sometimes “like” is not enough.

I had met someone on this app on a iPod touch. I forgot what the app was called but I remember I was happy because my iPod was working again. The app tells you how many miles away the person is from you. I spotted a couple of people that were near but none of them popped out at me. I would go on everyday right after school to see if any of them would write me. I had a few people that wrote me each day but still none of them caught my eye. Than…….. I had the courage to write once person that I was waiting on to write me. I was nervous because I thought the person would think I’m weird for something. I wrote the person but no response. I checked it a few days after and I got the response that I wanted. “Hey”. And I wrote back “What’s up” and the person Wrote “Nothing here working on some pictures”. At this point I’m so attracted to the person that I had asked em for their phone number. I got it. I texted the person and the person would text me back. Till….. I started getting feelings for the person. It was hard because I never had feelings for someone till the last person I was talking to. That was a while ago. Having feelings for this person mad everything worse. I thought things would be easier because I liked the person a lot but no, everything was a big mess. I would argue with the person everyday about dumb stuff. I was scared because of my image. I didn’t look like these hot models out there. Yes I am cute but no I’m not a skinny person. We argued about that because I thought he cared about weight when the person actually liked people like me. It didn’t matter how big but, we argued about stupid things that I wouldn’t like to mention because it would bring up memories. Then the fighting would get worse. It’s not fun arguing with the person you have a lot of feelings for. I told the person that I had feelings for them and the person just wanted a friendship. That’s when my heart broke. My heart shredded to pieces. That’s not something you want to hear from someone you like. “I just want to be friends” just ran through my head over and over and over again. I was so mad because I wanted to be okay and not argue and just like someone for a long time without getting my hear broken again. At the end I said to myself…. Never fall in love with someone so fast because you will walk around with a broken heart that can never be repaired.



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