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      I lost them both.


Them how i miss them so.... when i was just 14 i truly lost the most dearist people to me and now i need to learn how to live without them just the thought of that kills me. The day of hell. He told me that he was going to LA with my brother and some friends. I told him thats great. I was supose to meet him in LA two days later. Two days to go. 1 day to go. The day. As i sit and wait for my train i get a call. Its my brothers friend. He told me that my brother and the love of my life were in a bad car accident. Tha car was hit by an upcoming truck. The first thoght was are thay okay. He said that when the ambulance arrived that there was nothing they could do. By the impact of the accident they were both killed instentley. Now everytime i walk out my room im forced to look across the hall and see my late brothers empty room. To sit at dinner and see the seat beside me empty. Not haveing those moments when we laugh so hard we cry. Im forced to go to school and see the love of my lifes locker abandoned. The chair behind me in class empty. People would always ask me if there is anything they could do and i tell them yahh can they bring those two dearist people to me. Now here i am 7years later and my heart is finally relieved with all that pain there is not a day i dont think about them but i have faced the truth that i have to face the fact that there gone gone. I love you both most dearly and i miss you. R.I.P Bobby and Joesph

-Yours Daisy,


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