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      You Again


I’ve read so many books that are plotted and the setting is also like this. But at the end, I realized it’s very different. So here it is.

Jeanne always dreamt of falling inlove passionately. Her friends always enter relationships but eventually, It doesn’t really work. Her life was very planned. Everything seems so right until oneday, she met Nicholas. She studied guitar last summer vacation then that school year, Nicholas saw her playing. Then they talked together and realized that they share the same passion. Jeanne is starting to fall but she doesn’t mean it. She always say that he’s just her friend and tutor for guitar. Then here comes the “Ber months”. Nicholas and Jeanne was reviewing inside the library when Nicholas began to talk “You know my ex will fly to Canada on the 23rd of September. I will surely gonna miss her, But I don’t have feelings for her anymore. Maybe we’re good this way.” Jeanne saw sorrow on Nicholas’ face. Then she replied “You know it’s sad when people leave you. But I guess that’s the way God wants it to be. Remember, everything has it’s own purpose.” And they both smiled at each other. That day Jeanne realized that maybe God sent her to Nicholas’ life to make him happy.

On that rainy October 3rd Nicholas saw Jeanne running across the street. She’s very wet and cold. He approached her and said “What is the princess doing outside in the middle of the harsh pouring rain?” After that conversation Jeanne noticed that Nicholas is starting to make her feel belonged to his arms. He started to take the next level on her. They became More than friends and Less than lovers. But Jeanne isn’t sure about this. Because her point is, “Why should I waste my time on a guy whom I know will leave me sooner when his ex come back?” So, before she take the next level, She talked with her Aunt about it. What she got from her aunt is that

“ Us, people aren’t perfect. Life doesn’t guarantee forevermore. Darling, don’t be afraid to take the risk. Just follow your heart because God made it. You know, before you were born, God had finished writing your story. So, If you’re gonna fall for that someone, don’t be afraid. Because it’s God’s plan. If this plan is gonna hurt you. It’s okay, because baby, That’s what you call mistakes. And I promise you, you’ll learn from it. But if God’s plan will work, You’ll be happy & He’ll stay. “

Nicholas and Jeanne began to talk about their status. Jeanne said: “This may not last forever. But dear, I’m very loyal to you. I don’t wanna commit something to you this time because I just wanna focus. Let’s remain like this. And take the next level after we graduate highschool.” Nicholas smiled and nodded “My darling, I will never force you to do that. Just follow your heart.”

That three years of Highschool they remain as friends but they know that there’s a mutual thing inside them. During Senior and Junior year, they’re partners for the prom. And when senior year is about to end, Nicholas whispered to Jeanne, “It’s my time.”

So, they took the next step. They entered a relationship whom God planned. Until one day, as Jeanne were strolling in a park where she & Nicholas are going to meet up, Chelsea, the ex of Nicholas, bumped in to Jeanne. Jeanne said with a humble tone of voice “Miss, I’m very sorry. I didn’t wear my contact lens today. I’m very sorry.” Chelsea smile and said “My apologies miss.”

Nicholas finally shown. And hugged Jeanne. He said, “My ex, Chelsea, is going to meet us today.” Jeanne said, “Oh my. I forgot to wear my contacts. Pathetic!” Then Chelsea came. “Nicholas, I’ve missed you so much! So, where’s this fabulous, lucky girl?” Jeanne said “I believe I bumped in you awhile ago.” Chelsea said “Fate! Hi again Jeanne!”

After that meet up, Nicholas became so cold with Jeanne. And his attention is always drawn to Chelsea. They always see each other, Like it’s courtship again. Until Jeanne decided to put a little space between her and Nicholas so that they could evaluate their real feelings for each other.

“Jeanne, I’m a big mistake in your life. I realized that for all this time, I’m still inlove with a dove who flew away and finally came back. I’m very sorry. But I want to end this relationship.” Said Nicholas. Jeanne’s eyes became watery. She can’t say anything.

Jeanne applied in a company in Paris to have a move on. Because Paris inspires her. Before that, Jeanne gave her diary to Nicholas and said “Everything is in there. I wanted you to know the things that I loved about you. And the things that I planned. Most of all, The things that I wanted to tell you when you broke up with me. I’ll be flying to france on the 4th of July. Farewell Nicholas.” Nicholas said,” When are you coming back?” and she answered “I’m not sure if I’ll still go back to this place. Maybe I’ll visit sometime.”

Nicholas read her diary and tears began to fall. He realized that God brought his past back and only wants him to realize that, God has something better for him, Jeanne. The words of Jeanne are very passionate. The things that she wanted to tell Nicholas on their break up is


I know I’m not the real one for you. Fate wants this to be this way. You know when we first met, I never thought of the future with you. But I still took the risk to fall from a mountain to your heart. I love you very much. But I guess this is good bye. I’m going to Paris now, and I will definitely miss you. I hope you’re now happy with her. I wish I was Chelsea. I envy her a lot. I wish you all the best. You know what, I guess this plan of God is plan for making me strong so that one day when I’m going meet another YOU, I’ll be smart and strong enough to get hurt. Remember me, I’ll always be here. I maybe in Paris, but something in me will always be with you. I may meet another man there, he’ll never be you though. He will never be better than you, he’ll be different. Everyone is different from another.

Until we meet again,

Jeanne ParkSon

Now, 4th of July came. Jeanne was sitting on a bench inside the airport. Hoping that Nicholas will, catch up and stop her. Then her aunt called “Jeanne, I will miss you so much. Good luck on Paris. Call sometimes. I love you.” Then it’s time. After Jeanne entered the gate, Nicholas came.

Jeanne’s diary, have so many blank pages to fill upon. But she already gave it to Nicholas. So, Nicholas decided to write there while Jeanne is gone. Chelsea got married with her 3 months boyfriend that she met in Italy. Nicholas was perfectly lonely.

After nine sad years for Nicholas, Jeanne came back. She visited her school and went to the first place where Nicholas and Her first met. She brought her guitar and played right here waiting. Then at the corner of the room, she saw a very familiar thing, It’s her diary! She ran outside the campus and she bumped into Nicholas. She said “I’m sorry sir. I can’t see you that clear because I forgot to wear my contact lens.” Nicholas said: “That’s why I always remind you to put the case of your contact lens infront of your work desk.” Jeanne whispered: “Nicholas?” Nicholas said: “You again.”

And then, there courtship began. God didn’t plan to separate Jeanne and Nicholas’ ways. God only wants them to be strong and God wants to test their loyalty for each other.

I was named after them both. Jeanne Nicole P. Blanch. Jeanne gave me this diary. Because she wanted me to fill the blank pages. I’m so lucky that they became my parents. They got married at the age of 27. Dad always wanted to name me after mom’s name because whenever he hears it, it’s like an angel’s voice. He said:” Your mom is like the most beautiful dove who flew away and still she’s always near. She’s always in my heart while I’m waiting. I love her very much.” And that’s my parent’s story.


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