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being a single i feel my life was already full of colors without a lover to love. i used to talk to my friends during my vacant time. i was a bubbly time of person which is flexible to mingle with different type of person. one day one of my friend introduce to me his girlfriend then suddenly un explainable feelings i feel that i got jealous to my friend gf that for very quit long time that i hide the feeling that i have for him that nobody able to know except my self for i was to afraid to be rejected if he knows what i feel for him, he keeps on telling me what does the things he like for that girl . he used to spend his vacant time with me while waiting for his gf .my friend was my ideal men he is so caring and he treat everybody equally, he is a respectful person specially to his elders and honest person .i love the way he deals his life he is a serious but fun o be with.but the things that hurt me much is i know that the girl she love is not that serious as what my friend do they just play a man in exchange for P500.00 if only he knows that someone is waiting to be care and to be love in return. i render to him my shoulder to cry on when he has a hearth aches but the more i let him feel what i feel the more i feel awkward to him. and everything was change when he and his present girl friend having a break up he cried a lot a really big tear drops fall from his eyes and saying why did the girl do that i was crying also because i was petty on him . he embrace me and i feel the im in heaven for that moment of time that seems nobody around us. and i told him "open your heart and close your eyes and you will see that there is someone whose waiting for you in the dark that will serve you a light to se the beauty of the world that youve been longing for a long time" seems he think about what i say and he wipe his tears and and kiss me in the chick and say thank you KIONISALA for being there for me all the time. from that moment i never saw him anymore around the campus and one day my friend told me if only you know whom he love from yesterday until today which nobody know except him but now he told me why he had to hide it. because this girl seems not interested to love and to be loved and i realized it was me who keep on telling him love is useless as my surprise somebody was blocking my eyes with a familiar perfume fragrance as i take it away from my eyes i feel from his muscular arms i feel that i dont wanna let go as a surprise it was him whispering to me I LOVE YOU MICHELLE

CAN I HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE"my tear drops began to fall but he wipes it and will never let you tear drop fall again it gonna be last tear drops fall from your eyes now we are living with each other with a happy memory to be treasure as we take the different path of life of life my friend in heaven me in earth i know he watching after me as i served god as a nun.for me to see him in heaven with the glory of god cause i believe our love continues in heaven .... the




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