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      Young love forever


every couple has fights and arguements, especially when your as young as we are. im 16 and i truely think to myself that i have found the love of my life. alot of people may say that this phase will pass that this is just young love as they say. maybe it is but i do not want this to end. theres so many stories of young love and how they forget eachother. me and my honey are so attached to eachother we sometimes call it fatial attraction. we are not ashamed of eachother at all we could be with eachother all day and everyday and not get tired of eachother. we also have ababy girl on the way, i thank god for what he has given me, he gave me someone who cares and loves me so much that i feel that i dont have to worry about anything, he makes me feel so beautiful at my worst, the guy that a love quote describes. hes given me such a miracle thats on the way, she will be here on march 02 2012. we both say that we are so blessed to have found eachother. my heart feels so steady and warm when im with him when he holds me. his eyes glitter ion any kind of lighting i love my honey so mcuh:)


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