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He sat behind her freshman year in geometry class (thank goodness for the alphabetical seating arrangement). He was from New York so she’d never seen him before. That first day of her college life, she thought he was just another immature guy-he kept tapping his pen on her chair and making his desk shakes. But then she heard him speak. He was staring at the window, oblivious to the class around him, when he whispered to no one in particular

“Don’t you wish you could just reach out and touch a cloud…”

She was immediately taken by his sensitivity and inquisitiveness. But that was only the beginning. He was in a few of her other class, and she soon found out he always posed clever, thoughtful questions that left everybody thinking more…She loved how he didn’t care what other will think about him.

By about six weeks into school, she had a full blown crush on him-secretly!...and she kinda felt he liked her too, because every time he made joke in the class, he’d look over to make sure she was laughing. They’d walk together from their classes as best buddies…and whenever he’d talk to her …he’d look deep into her eyes and barely blink that it was impossible for her to look away.

But then a few months of their flirty closeness…she realized she wasn’t the only girl who was enjoying his friendship. He was every girl’s super hero in school. Whenever a girl approached her for some help, he unconditionally gave his hand and time…and that badly irritates her. She couldn’t help feeling jealous…and devastated thinking that she gotten herself so carried away over his thoughtfulness and sweetness. So carried away that she almost thought that there was something special between them.

Still, it’s not like that she could get any angry at him, when all they’d really done was hang out in school. He kept treating her the same, talking and joking like they are the best of friends…so she didn’t say anything and tried to convince herself being friends was good enough.

One Monday morning, she was standing by her locker when she overheard some of his friends teasing him about a new girl she didn’t know. She kinda felt some pain but still pretended not to be affected.

Afternoon of that same day, He came up to her, asking to lend her ears to him. He wanted to sing something special for the girl he likes… and he wanted it perfectly done so he asked her to be a Simon Cowell to him and judged his singing.

After listening to his song, she almost forgot that it wasn’t for her. She told him that he nailed it and she added that the girl he was pursuing would immediately fall for him because of the song. Saying those words were secretly breaking her heart…and before tears fell from her eyes, she quickly turned away to say goodbye.

Her heart was totally in pieces that she couldn’t barely walked home…and what is more painfully annoying…he kept texting on what color of flowers he should bring to that girl…badly irritated that she replied “ASSORTED”.

It took her almost five hours to regain her spirit out of her broken heart. She went home feeling sadly all right. But before she could step a foot on their gate, her cell phone rang. She picked it up and heard the familiar voice of a girl…tearily informing that her brother’s car was crashed by a bus on his way home….and that her brother never made it to the hospital. She was stunned; shocked with what she just heard…She couldn’t even move that her mom came to open the gate for her. She helplessly hug her mom and told her what had happened to him.

“What? “Her mom was more totally shocked.

“He was just here an hour ago…He even had his guitar and brought flowers for you. He confessed to us that he likes you and asked your father if he could court you.”

She was totally lost with what she heard from her mom. All those hours that she was alone, crying for her broken heart…he was just patiently waiting for her in their home…and now that she was here...He was totally gone...


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