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      My Blessed First love..


Here starts our love story …… a ever said one…

It was July 9TH 2006 a sweet Saturday. The day we met for the 1st time…….The day we join our twelth……As it was the admission time we just saw each other and smiled at once.But I felt love with him. It may be a fascination. In my class we became cute friends. In Those days, for me he was only my cute class mate and friend. He used to like me. For him I was not only a class mate or not only friend, but more than a friend. Slowly we became best friends. But suddenly I came to know that he loves a girl. Even though I was disappointed I didn’t forget that am his best friend. I was very depressed when I remembered it was my 1st love. We began to enjoy our +2 very much with the support of our parents, teachers.

A bubbly moment came in our life. It was our onam celebration. We were in our traditional looks. We students were so happy that we won prize for our flower carpet competition. Next starts our tug of war competition. Everyone was curious about it as it was very special item. I was encouraging him as much I can for that. But his mind was totally upset. I asked for the reason many times but he didn’t replied to me. At last I came to know that our classmate Mr. S had commented me badly. For that reason they fought each other. He had kicked Mr. S. It was the great moment which I realized his affection and true care. Even though I lack a lover he gave me the care of the same.

In the same month I was shocked to know that he and his girl friend M/s C had broken out. Although I was loving him inside my heart I didn’t became selfish. I prayer and care for him. But things happen reversely. It may be gods decision He started affection towards me. We can’t tell that we are lovers. But can tell not friends. But I didn’t support him as I realized it was only affection. Again many occasions came between us to move closer. But I was pleasing to god to join their together for their well being. The day reaches close to close for the time he proposes me. But I knew him that he can’t forget that girl…..and my lord knows me that IM loving him so much….

The day came by showering tears upon me. I came to know that Ms. C again called him and she needs an apology. It was shocking to us. From that moment I became a good actress of life. With the support of my Lord I started work to join their love again. With the support of our friends I created a good relation again between them. By this moment I became lonely. My mind started questions to myself. Why did you left the chance? To whom will you share your heart? Why did you cheat your love? But with me no answers………. … I really don’t want to miss him, for that I started the old friendship

By the time His father came to know about his love. He saw Ms. C and was against her. Then only I realized her father was planning to make me his son’s wife. I was shocked. Again there is no time and chance for me to make his dream s true. But he was great for me although he left to heaven. Days run faster. The time reached for our +2 farewell. By the time we became good friends. On July 30th I again came to know his girlfriend Ms. C again cheated him. This time I was fully against her. I can’t support her. I was not enough strong to try for the 2nd time love. I just forget the past and let free. Mr. C Flied to Ireland.

Now I call this situation only as god’s decision. Again we got admission in same college. As I was fresh girl before the students many seniors began to propose me. He became a big enemy of our seniors. Many sweet fights took place between them. It valued his love for me. I was enjoying it so far. Day by day he moved closer and closer. We began to chat day and night. And we came to know we became true lovers. It was my birthday we went to Lovers Park. He presented me a precious ring and sweet kiss on my forehead. For the 1st time I lied in his shoulders. Before enjoying the romantic moment, a call came on his mobile. God again tricked us. It was Mr. C again for apologizing. But for this time he didn’t gave her a chance. He swaps the call. From that moment we started loving blindly. We are enjoying life. It’s amazing when we look the life back. Through loving, caring, Fighting, teasing we are loving each other so much.and thanking to our lord for making us to rejoin us and fulfill our dreams……

THIs is the sweet story of Bency and Bobby….My blessed first love…


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