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Its been almost 23 years since she left, I have tried so hard looking to replace her. Found and married a beautiful girl born the same month they went to the same High school together both of their names are close starting with T (which was my nickname for second wife) even some of their features are the same I still wake up sometimes looking over and have to look close to see which one it is. I love my wife I am with now so very much, but I also still love my second wife so very much also. I just cant get her thoughts out of my mind for over a year now she is in my thoughts every hour of every day sleeping or awake. Every where I look there is something to remind me of her every time I close my eyes to sleep she is in my dreams. I met her daughter one time and I fell instantly in love with her as if she were my own child (her daughter even looks like some of my children when they were the same age) This is something I cannot share with anyone and I am going crazy. I know she was and is my soul mate but I love the wife I am with now and will never hurt her. There has been very few days that I have not broke down in tears many times missing my love and friend. Its getting so hard to hide but I have to keep this a secret within my heart only. I just know that T I miss you so very very much every day of my life. Its been 7360 days of missing you!!! And close to a million tears and there is no answer to take away the pain.


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