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      A pain of the heart


Itís not like I didnít know it was coming of course I seen what was going to happen and I dreaded that moment and how I was going to deal with it. I just could not stop the tears. Itís so very hard I have to be around other people and just about anything reminds me and then the tears start flowing. All the pain the same as it was the first time so many many years ago. There is nothing I can do to make the pain go away. All the things that I have ever wanted and waited for all my life are right there the perfect fairy tale that I have always dreamed about. Like it is sitting there to tease me saying here is all your dreams in one beautiful package. But guess what, itís not yours this was just to tease and let me see what I am missing. The love of my life my soul mate that I have waited for 22 years to return. Now I am shut off my worst nightmare unfriended on Facebook. It may sound trivial to some but being able to see my love each day through Facebook is what help me get through all the hard times of missing my love and friend. Now I am shut off and the pain is once again unbearable.


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