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i came from a middle class family .i am a bit reserved and have few friends to talk and i dont mingle much .till my school i used to enjoy with my friends and was happy . Then in inter too i was happy with only few friends but now those are not in contact i feel sad for that .then my btech life is not that enjoyable as everyone says . I met a boy as a cousin to my senior friend .he too was a senior of me .he used to chat with me daily .i too used to share everything with him .he used to have many friends not like reserved type . We used to chat daily ,monthly everyday .then like this i used to like him . No just started to love him .but unfortunatly he only considered me as sister .i felt very low ,sad. Still then continued chatting hopping one day he will consider as girl friend.but now he is not at all in contact . I really miss him a lot .cant forget ever .he has completed his btech .now i dont know where he is and why he stopped chatting .hope to meet him one day and kiss him.


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