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      True Love Never Fails


It started as a crush during our 10th std (both dint express it)we joined different colleges then came june 19th 2007 this is the day he joined the tuition class which i was attending during my 12th std.We became close friends as days went by we realised that its more than friendship.He expressed his love to me.I was more than happy and readily accepted his love.We loved each other truely.Then came the day wen he told me that he has got admission in another state (chennai) for engineering.I was broken.I coudnt imagine as to how i am going to stay without seeing him for 4 years.But my love made me strong.We cried,we missed each other like hell.Those days made us realise that we love each other more than anything.He left to chennai...I spent months together crying everyday night thinkin about him.We couldnt spend time like before.But he would try his best to call me up and speak.Many of my friends tried to discourage me telling Long Distance Relationship never works out.But Trust me my friends if ur love is true nothing can stop you.He loves me more than anything.Care,Affection,Trust are the 3 main things which wil make your love strong.We used to write down all our feelings on diary everyday night and exchange the diary when we meet (i.e once in a year).Those words on the diary wer enough to keep us going.Now he has completed his studies.He is back.We both are workin now.Its been 5 years..our love is going strong...All i want to tel is Distance Doesnt matter in LOVE if its TRUE....:):)We still write diary everyday :) :)


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