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      A Soul Mate


Every person has a frequency they resonate at. Scientists, psychicís, religious leaders and most people that have studied mankind all agree on this. When two frequencies are resonating together just right is where what some call soul mates come from. When this happens it can create some amazing effects. I think this is why when we were together a lot of wild things happened to us like the places that seemed to open up just for us. A lot of the things that happened for us I think was because of this. I missed you so much when you left but I knew I had to stay away. Stopping to see you once in a while was very nice but it always messed me up for weeks but I learned to cope. I played hard and rough in bars all over the country trying to cope with missing you. As years passed by I thought it would go away but instead I just grew more in love with you. I went to many psychics and fortunetellers looking for answers. They all tell me the same story with little variations I will never give up on us getting back together some day. Even though right now is not good timing for sure , you still have lots of issues with your ex to go through maybe you can even work things out and get back together. He is your daughterís father and that is a very strong bond. Me I am married I love her very much and I could never do anything to hurt her, though we do have some problems we are trying to work out. But the psychicís and the dreams and visions I have been seeing are really confusing me. One thing for sure they were right on about you having a daughter and I would meet her when she was five. I do still believe that we are destined to get back together some day; time will tell. The timing is just not right now, but this would be a very good time for us to become good friends without complications. You already know you can trust me completely and I would never do anything that could cause you or your family any harm. Your sister hating me hurts, I donít understand why but that is her right as the rest of your family what they think of me I donít know. I know to me they are and always will be family to me as is my first wife and other children to her second husband. Me I still believe that I do not have the right to control another human being and that love, kindness and caring is my way of dealing. I still do not know how to fight (argue) just not good at it and thatís frustrating to others. You have not given me any sign that any of this is real is it because I am married or is there no feelings for me anymore. What if I am wrong? What if everything I believe is not real? What if you donít love me?


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