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      Unexpected love!finally found the perfect man.


My love story is totally different.Never expected il fall in love cause myself and my guy we knew each other for may be 1 whole year but i used to call him "anna" since he was my senior in college.I thought he was going out with 1 of the senior girl who was actually real close to me.End of my final year he started talking 2 me and texting me!i used to wonder "how come he is texting me an all??"but i din have the guts to ask him about tat senior fine day i gathered all the guts to ask him ,then came to know there was nothing of that sort between them,so i started talking to him freely and openly.Then i think after a week from the day he started talking to me,he proposed me(" sorry before that a small correction i gave him a clue about my feeling"),i accepted him. everything went so well between us...i had finally found the perfect guy of my life the so called "dream boy".he also loved me like hell.There was so much love n affection btw us that we forgot the world and stayed in our own world.according to me distance doesnt matterr at all , all that matters is the love,he is in my heart n even god cant change that.But right now we are having a very tough time since im some wer n he is some wer..Pls guys who ever reads tis please pray for us.i cant stay without him in life.he is my life,Soul mate,king of my heart.


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