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      Love at first site


Well it all started off when i first met him at an agricultural school in the country we met and i dont know why but i was shaking and so nervous like i was going to cry. We talked and had so much in common he was so attractive to me :)

hes my soulmate i knew that it was destiny that me and him were meant to be togethor since babies even. He is the most adorable thing ive ever seen. I cant get enough of him hes so good to me and we are so in love most people might think its just puppy love because we are so young but i know i have found my soul mate because i could never picture myself with anyone else or with out him. I cant even talk to any other boys anymore because i love him soo much hes the one and im glad i found him when i was so young.

My heart will always be next to his no matter how far apart we are and every time i see him which isnt that often i fall inlove with him ten times more.

I hope this story inspires everyone who reads it and its not a joke to those people who dont believe in soul mates, destiny and love it is real because i have found them all.


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