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      Still longing


It started on a day in October of 2000. I was driving down the street when this handsome gentleman pulled up beside me. He had a woman passenger, in the car, so I continued on my way. We came to a stop sign and he motioned for my cell phone. I did not have one. He rolled down his window and introduced himself. I did likewise. We exchanged numbers and that's how the story begins. The woman passenger turned out to be his mother. I went to lunch with him and he advised me that he was a Pastor. I listened to his vision as we ate. It seemed that he was searching for members. I was not instantly sold. I had heard rumours about him and his family , so I was being cautious. We started to spend a lot of private time together. Plays, dinner, etc. I still didn't quite know what to think of him. Well I became a member of his congregation and things started happening.

Before long we were intimate. This was a very BIG mistake, but it felt so right. My heart was now involved and I could not stop this web from weaving. I wanted more from the relationship and he didn't. It was painful. I had to face the fact, I was in love and he was in something else.

Well, it's been almost two years and I still long for him but I'm letting God lead me. Yes, I still belong to his church. Each day I realize my part in this whole ordeal.

Always remember to make sure that you both want the same thing before becoming intimate. Better yet, wait until you enter into a marriage.


Still Longing

But I'm Healing


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