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      Lost in Love


The loneliest days can be the worst days any human can come across. Every one has felt loneliness, but not everyone has felt true love. I know I havenít, well thats what i assume. See my whole life Iíve read storybooks and seen those happy endings and Iíve always dreamt that one day that fairytale ending will happen to me. Well, the rate Iím going who knows if love will ever find me. Iím scared that I have fallen in love with someone. Scared to tell her, even though she already knows. Denying it was the worst part, but admitting it would ruin everything. See, love works in so many ways. It brings happiness, yet it can bring sadness to so many as well. Iíve seen so many friends and families shed tears about being madly in love, that Iím scared to feel that way for anyone. The pain and heart break they feel in their hearts could never be truly repaired, because the one person who they fell completely head over heels for broke their hearts. Iím in love with my best friend. Crazy to say but sheís the most amazing person Iíve ever met in my entire life. Thing is I know feelings arenít mutual and they will never be, because she already found her love. I want her to be happy, period. No matter if itís with me, a friend, or some stranger who she just met. Love, is love. Itís one of those things that as human beings, we will never be able to describe the feeling deep down inside us. I know its a feeling that makes you whole and it feels like nothing could ever come between two hearts that are meant to be together. I believe thereís someone out there for everyone. Some times we might fall in love with the wrong soul mate, the wrong heart. Blinded by money, or so many other artificial things that donít really matter, can change love. Love isnít about the amount of things you own or have, itís about the heart and the soul. Finding that one person whoís soul is compatible to yours. I love to see those old couples walking in the park holding hands or on the streets smiling, because it makes me feel like thereís hope for me and for every other girl who has felt like I do. Lost in love, scared to reach out because of the circumstances, and the consequences youíll face. Reason why I felt like writing this was because i watched Letterís to Juliet, and honestly the whole ďWhat IfĒ question really does mean a lot. Itís like What If you never get to tell the one you truly love how you feel. Or What If you never follow your dreams. Itís never too late or too early to fall in love, no matter if your 50, 15, 65 etc. Love has no expiration date, you just have to go out there everyday and face it. Donít look for the perfect love, they donít exist. Love is full of flaws and fights and so many other crazy things you could ever imagine. But thatís what makes it all worth while. Knowing that someone out there in this crazy world is meant to be with you.

I know everyone wants that perfect Cinderella moment, but in reality things like that might not ever even come close to happening. Love. A four letter word that means so much to so many. But thereís one thing I want to tell every girl out there. Never loose hope. Your soul is out there somewhere doing the same thing you are, waiting for you.


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