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      I Wish I Can Get Him Back Again !


ten years ago, i was twelve years old, my name is Marcia. my ex boyfriend name is Ryan, he was thirteen years old. i dont know him too well, we went to school together in middle school. my girls named Erie and Sally. we were snobby girls, i was laughing with them, we promised to stay together until get out of the world, we will keep in touch. i accidently fell on the floor, the boy ran toward to me, and try get me up and said, "i will help you up, beautiful girl." i was surprised that he said that. i got up and told him thanks, and kissed his cheek, he got brushed. i walked away and looked back to him and still walked. Sally ran to me, and Erie went to the bathroom, he asked me out, we started to dating i figured out what wrong with myself, i found out that i fell in love with him. that dance night, he asked me to dance with him, i was brushed and fall in love with him forever, i thought we will stay together until get married and have a children but its not true, you know why because i left the dance and went to home for five days then came back to school and looking for Ryan, but he isnt there anymore, i asked his bestfriend, Kevin, but he told me that Ryan quitted the school and transfer Kentucky to Texas, i got heartbroken. we used to dated since five years then he left me in the school, i lookin for him anywhere and interent but it said not found. i was upset and scared to losed him, then one guy met me, his name is Peter, i fell in love with him again, few years we were engaged, then one year later, i got married by him. i hadnt heard from Ryan since 2000, it means 10 years. i never know him anymore, i feel like he isnt exist in the world. i want to said goodbye Ryan Relam.


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