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She didnít want to smoke, really. She wanted to with him. Only him. She wanted him to lean over the pipe to light it. Lean in real close. She wanted him to guide her hands into the correct position so that she could actually get high. Even if she didnít, she would still act it.

All of these material reasons for smoking. Blah blah, I want to be cool, blah blah I want to have more friends. She had the one reason. To feel that connection she reached with him. They really know each other. But only while high. Which is the sad turn of the tale. When they were not under the influence, all hell broke loose. Nothing mixed between their personalities. She was desperate to know the real him. Age 15. She knew that. His name was John. Knew that as well. How old was his sister? Nope. Any personal problems of his? She had only dreamed. How can someone be a best friend with someone since age 4 and not understand them? Itís perplexing. VEXING. Me. I am annoyed by it.


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