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      The first love of a twelve year old


This little girl tranferred from agusta,georgia back to gadsden,alabama her home town.She got there a week before christmas so they had a christmas dance she saw this handsome twin and wanted to go out with him.While she was there she met some friends and discovered that one of the girls was the boys cousin.So the girl introduced me to the boy n we were associates not close friends.Then one day the boys cousin which was my friend we got to arguing and me and twin started bickering with each other.Then a few days later i started hanging out with another friend and i spent the night over her house.Then twin and his twin brother and some of their friends pulled up in my friends backyard which we were throwing water on one another on the trampoline.So we stopped what we were doing and just started talking then thats when twin said 'i used to go out with her'(while pointing at me which we never dated) 'and i used to go out with her too'pointing at my friend which they did but that was in 2nd.Then they left cause they had to go home.Me and my friend started screaming cause we both liked him too.We had a bet on who could get him first(ohh and did i mention that me n his ousin r back friend)And as i knew i got him first he was flirting thumping me on my ear huggin me things little kids do.Then it was graduation he was one grade younger he was 4th i was 5th i was going to middle to me that was the saddest part of my life.We ended up breaking up but when he graduated we were back in the same school together but he didnt want to talk to me no more no hellos no goodbyes i was heartbroken now today right now 9/2/11 he is with this girl Makenzie he comes around me with his arm around her i just wanna cry.Heres just one thing ill never fall in love again


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