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      A dream


Iím sitting on a white sand beach; the water is crystal clear with gentle waves. I can smell the warm ocean breeze with a tint of wood smoke in the air. Iím on an Island, Iím not complaining I love it but how did I get here. It is way too real so it canít be a dream but I seem a little fuzzy. Not sure whatís going on but got to check it out further. I hear my name; voice is familiar but canít place. I cannot see her face. She places her hand over mine with her slender fingers gently squeezing my hand, and whispers in my ear ďItís ok Iím here nowí, like a wave of warmth flowed through me an unbelievable feeling of love. I know that voice I know those fingers why canít I see her face. Now a phone ringing very loud, everything disappears. I woke up it was just a dream after all, the phone call was just a wrong number. But why did I have to wake up when I was just about to figure how I got there. 444 were the numbers on the clock and no way am I able to get back to sleep now though it would be fantastic to get back in that dream but I know better. So I better write some of this down before I forget.

Itís 8am now my mind is racing not sleepy at all. Trying to analyze the realness of the dream and where it came from. And I have a stiff neck and shoulder to go along with the mind rush.

Every time I close my eyes I enter the other world now Sunshine This and That have joined, am I going crazy or just a test to see what I can handle. Whatís scary is Sunshine is getting less skittish each night. Last night Sunshine joined the group on the floor watching the game. Iím strong enough in this world but Dreamworld is confusing me.

If I stopped believing in the visions I see

Iíd be throwing away all I believe in

Magic and sight is what my world has been built around

I followed lifeís path seeking what the visions said

Some of my choices were hard and a price I had to pay

...So many tears but so much learned I just couldnít throw it all away

If I said I no longer believed and magic is not real it would be a big lie to me


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