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I`m jena, 17yrs old. i have my best friend justin. we`ve been friends for 2yrs. and i can say that i really know him for a short period of time. But, one day when i woke up something strange happened. Then i realize , I LOVE HIM. pinigilan ko pero cupid is too strong.. tinago ko yon for 5months. Then one day he frankly asked me. "bext, mhal mu ba ko?." I denied. Ayokong masira ang friendship namen. Then time passes by, we`ve been lovers. but it does`nt succeed. tumagal lang yon ng 1 week. We gave each other a chance, ngkabalikan kame pero tumagal lang yon ng 8days. I promised myself that would be my last stupidity ! but i fail. It was the 3rd time we`ve been together. At first it was a happy and exciting relationship but as time passes by, many trials came. His sister, my friends, his ex`s, and his future. One day before we broke up he texted me. "bhe,sorry. dku to ginusto. akala mu ba ikaw lang ang nasasaktan. aku dn, masakit." then we talked and he confessed, "im getting married. ma22loy ang kasal ko." Then memories keep reminiscing, dun ku nlang nasabe sa sarili, "ay! oo nga pala, muslim nga pla sya." :(


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