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      What am i gonna do without him..


I am in love with a boy, he is almost perfect... I want him from the start, he is cute,smart,sports,artistic and joyful. We are not so close because i am in the other section and he is in the other.He became my friend one day , because my friend likes his friend,and his friend also like mine.

Because of this crazy feelings for him, i have done crazy things,during our computer subject i always search in the Google,"how do i impress a boy, and how do i know if he likes me back?" Ive done all the tips written in the internet...

One day i was shocked cause he is acting so weird, he seems different...He gave all the signs in the internet when i search "how do i know if the guy i was been loving loved me back?"i was very happy that day... He always finds a way to stay close to me even if his friends leaves him...My friend always said,"I think your in love with each other".But i dis agree even if if,i, would think that is very true...I keep on denying it, because i am afraid that i would be hurt someday because of this love i felt...Every time his near i always wear a smile like he used to gave me...Sometimes i think that love is not so unfair after all...I have loved different kinds of man but this one is unique,i can say it.My friends even wrote story of us,and i love it...But i do not want to sacrifice my family for this love i felt,i am too young for love...Time will come that i will find my Mr.right, i will love,love that anyone had ever done....

I am a school girl from SMAK

A second year student

second year Mount Carmel

guess who????????????????????????????????????????????????


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