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      Love love n only love ...


what is love and people can feel love for twice in life ?

tell me friends is this love or only attraction ..

me and my boyfriend have been together like 9 or 10 months and then we breakup and after then he going dubai .we r from different cast and i m only 18 and he is 25 .. i dont care about age diffence . I m still there where he left me and try to move ahead bt i cant able to forget him or nor accept reallity that he is now not with me anymore . its been 6 years now that we apart from eachother and i try to find his contect bt i cant find his contect .

i m still waiting for him and i cant stop thinking of him .. i dont want anything from him , i just want to see him badly n want to talk with him . i m happy when i think all pals which we spend together .. m not 4get 1 single things about him .. what he likes or dislikes i remember everything ..he is my life my whole world .. i love his nature and i love the way he look at me .. he call me everyday and we talk alot on phone ..

i know he forget me bcoz its been too long and everything change now but why i cant forget him or his memories .. i try evertything but i fail and i m fade up to be alone n tried ..

i want to die bt i live only for him he is the reason . he is an awesome person and i cant find another guy like him and i cannot love anybody else ..

he is my first and last love .. i love him more then my self .. hope one day he back n talk to me .....


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