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      My love is my dream


here is my strory.. im in love with the foreigner.. i live in australia , i met an afghani guy which is also living in australia.. we were friends since last 2006. but on 2009 we made sucha love relationship cause we are inlove each other.. after some years we been together.. some of his friends told me that my bf has strict parents and his parents would not be agree if this relation comes to marriage.. cause his parents only want him marry with afghani girl.. and yeah i ve heard abit about his parents from my bf but we didnt talk much about it..

but his friends told me that his parents have some mission like aranged marriage for my bf to one girl in afghanistan , but dont know when is the exact time they will marry.. cause my bf still busy here with his study.

im so fucked up with that but my bf gimme some explanation that he said his future is in his hand specially about marriage.. only him can make a decission.. but some of his friends which also afghani guys.. they told me that afghani will only marry with afghani girl.. and also the biggest problem is, his parents arranged marriage and want him marry to the girl which is the girl is "the ex" of my bf when he was in afghan.. my bf told me that he loved someone in afghan but they already broke up on 2008, they failed cause a distance.. but still his parents want him marry that girl.. and my bf only told me to keep my love for him n believe in him.. my bf told me to be carefull of this relation cause if his parents know that my bf is in relation with me.. his parents will force him to get back to his own country..

i feel like im in relation with a shadow.. i love him so much n i know he loves me too.. he is always with me n accompany me everytime i need.. he is so kind n perfect but im so fuck up knowing that it is not easy to get him to be mine completely.. we dont know how to make future with it? my enemy is his family and my rival is the girl which is come from his own country.. thats so fuck up.. isnt that???

i dont know what to do now.. i love him so much.. and i do believe that he loves me too.. wish ALLAH shows me a miracle


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