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      Just let me say.


Forget about the other stories I wrote. My name is _____. Im 15. I have a wonderful boyfriend. Thing is i couldnt see him for awhile because he has been sick. Now hes not and ive been trying to talk to him. His phone is off, so i could only talk to him on facebook. He hasnt been on.. I miss him so much with all my heart. It hurts me that i cant see him..but ive been hanging out with my bestfriend ______. Hes the best. Although he was my ex. Its kinda weird people say. I dont care though. Hes been there when i need a shoulder to cry on or if anyone i know needs a beating. Hes a really good friend. Like Yesturday he came over, i didnt feel he let me lay on his lap and just talked to me, so i wouldnt think about how much my stomach hurt. Me and him been through lots. There maybe up and downs sometimes..but we get through them. Anyways I dont live in town. My boyfriend does though. So i couldnt walk to his house. Its hard to get a ride without people yelling at me saying they need to save their gas. So yeah. I think about him everyday...i feel like hes loseing feelings for me..alot is going through my head. I just hope one day i get to atleast see him...</3. My friend has been there for me. all the other stories i want to delete. well not the "i miss my love". Just let me say that me and my friend are close. I can tell him anything. My secrets. I can trust him. So i told him a secret. He liked it. If you knew the whole story behind this... you wouldnt like it. My emotions been mixed. Once or three times. I miss ____. So much. everyday alittle piece of my heart is cracking. Without him the sun dont shine like it did. I know its chessy but what the hell. I love him. People say chessy things when there in a relationship. Ugh i hope he dont break up with me..or lost feeling. Because i havent. My feelings for him is so strong. </3 i miss him..i want to see him. Just let me not the same.


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