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I fell in love w/ him the first time i saw him, it was our first day in school. were both 17, and freshmen in our university. I told my friends that i like him and they helped me do the first move. until now I can still remember the feeling when he txted me for the first time. its 2nd sem already but were still together. our relationship was perfect. on our 2nd yr in college, he stopped due to financial problem. he worked at a fast food chain, and bec I love him so much. I worked there also but continued my studies. after 3 yrs were still together.. I am working as a call center agent. due to shifting schedules, I dont have time anymore to meet him and we rarely txt each other.

Its our anniversary and he wanted to meet me. I told him I cant bec I need to sleep. he got mad and did not replied anymore. I felt sorry but I just ignored it. the next day I had 10 missed call from his sister. I called her back to ask what she need.. I was shocked when she told me that my bf is suffering and he is at the ICU due to a motorcycle accident. I came there w/ my mom. he cant speak anymore. he is suffering bec of the internal bleeding in his brain.. I cried and embraced him, I told him to be strong and I really love him. but it was too late, after 10 minutes he died.

I just kept on crying. as I look at him at his coffin, I felt guilty that I took him for granted and I just realized that I really love him.


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