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      I don`t need him to have a life


I am 36 years old, and I have three kids and I have been married for almost seventeen years.

My husband came home one night and told me it was over, he immediately started talking about property and child support, you have to remember this is a man who has always professed his love, and said we would grow old together.

Two nights later he moved out, and one week later he moved someone else in his new place. Then I find out I am being evicted because he won't pay the rent, and the final irony, I had to move in with his sister-right across the street from her!! I have been through hell with this, and I am in a place where I never thought I would be-on my own, no job, no skills, no way to support my kids though he has helped out with that), and not knowing what is coming next, What is The next thing he is going to do or say that will practically kill me, but the one thing I have learned is I am more than part of a MARRIED COUPLE, AND I DON'T NEED HIM TO HAVE A LIFE! There have been some really horrendous days and nights where he says one word and he might as well have stabbed me himself, he finds the perfect time to say the one thing that hurts. Especially when he is talking about how "special" and "nice", and great she is!!! He also likes to brag about them always going out on the weekends, (and during the week), and all the things they do. He never did anything with me in 16 years, and after being with her for a couple of weeks, he is taking her to the Ballet! So, no matter what is done to you, it is possible to get over it AND HIM, and move on to something bigger and much better!!!


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