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      Never Too Late


I met my true love July 31, 2011 for the second time. First time I met Kevin was about 1986 I was married so a relationship did not happen, but we did have a mutual attraction to each other, I had never cheated on my marriage so we eventually lost contact, soon after my divorce in 2000 I wanted to reconnect with Kevin, so I set out to find him, but I guess didn`t look too hard because he was right under my nose. I felt that the reason why I had not looked very hard was because after being married for 25 years I had to find myself before I could find anyone to be in my life, so I just said to myself that by chance if we ran into each other that I then would be ready, I never ran into him so I started looking for him with no luck, then on July 30, 2011 everything changed, I ran into Kevin`s sister,got his phone number called him the next day, and we have been together every since, we are even discussing getting married, I am soo happy that we were able to reconnect. I guess that was God`s plan all along and I could not have changed anything. It feels as if we had never separated


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