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      A dream world


Two different worlds when I go to sleep I enter the dream world so real and complex. It is like living in a parallel life. My waking life I live with my third wife very much in love with her living in a double wide driving a truck at nights. When I am in dream world I am back with my second wife living a normal life together with her and her daughter. I live with them in their townhouse and every thing is so real and complex. When I wake from the dreams I can remember the vivid details of different situations and lives almost like watching a movie only I am involved. We are very much in love again and her daughter Anna and I get along great she calls me Mikey like her mother used to. I accidentally met her in real life and she is adorable it was love at first site like she was the daughter I always wanted and never had. She is very smart but very stubborn (just like her mother) once she decides to learn something she picks it up quickly but itís just getting her to wanting to. But I seam to have a way ( a lot I picked up from my granddaughters) and she does very well in her schooling. We spend a lot of time with my second wifeís twin sister and my sonís family with my granddaughters they are older than Anna but call her Auntie Anna. My youngest granddaughter Aria just turned 7 and Anna is 5 the two of them are best buddies and seem to be always getting into trouble together. My dream world consists of living the lives in other world like different areas of life but not in order. Living in this alternate state of another life in dream world has been going on for over a year now. Of course I can not talk with anyone about it people would be hurt. So I am writing it down for me to share with strangers to help me to deal with this. I am so much in love with two different women no matter how wrong it sounds I can not change this. My second wife does not know about the dreams I have been having about her and I keep limited contact with her. (We have been apart 22 years) And I can not talk to my third and present wife about the dreams. I am afraid to go to sleep because I know where I am going but when I am sleeping I donít want to get up because I love being there so much


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