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      Love inside the stupid silence


Love is really majestic and crazy. and it is an enchanting. And lastly, love changes the life of every living. When i was in highschool, i had this classmate and total crush, named, Christian. He`s a pastor`s kid and he`s nice but quiet. he` s hard to reach. Among my classmates, he`s the hardest guy to talk to. But that all changed when we were in sophomore year and we`re seatmates. Our adviser usually gives us an activity by partner. we did became partners only that we had a difficult time to speak. If i say, do this he`ll just obey me and that`s all. That all happens to us daily. If i ask him, he`ll just answer a simple word or sentence and that`s how our conversation ends. At least we had a conversation, right? But, i always notice him staring at me; I ignored it at first. The church`s anniversary came and we were seatmates. Astoundingly, when we had to sing, there`s one hymnal and we...shared. unexpectedly, our hands touched each others. there`s electricity that shakened my body. we took off our hands and we made up our minds to sing immediately as the music played. The service ended and the dinner was opened. At the dim corner of the pavilion, I sat there and ate my food. silence and boredom bounded my life there. suddenly, a flute played. Then something tempted me to look for it. I got off of my feet and looked for it. i turned on my flashlight. i turned around and when i landed on my right side, my flashlight showed a guy turning its back. His hair was something like an emo. Something familiar like...Christian. i spoke.

Me: Hey! Christian, what are you doing there?

Christian: Just...hav..having...

Me: Don`t be ashamed. i don`t eat humans.

he laughed and it was the most wonderful laughter i`ve ever heard! He sat straightly and i sat beside him.

Christian: I was playing my flute. Why you`re here?

Me: i wanted to be alone that`s why I`m here.

Then, silence reigned once again. My shoulders fell and maybe it`s time for me to have a serious talk with him.

Me: Christian, don`t get offended but you know, you`re stupid.

Christian: How come you said that?

Me: Because! You are so hard to talk to. Don`t you know that too much silence is so earsplitting? Every time we were near to each other, there`s always a boundary between us. I am tired of it!

Christian: Why you`re telling me that? Do you want me to speak?

Me: Of course!

Christian: Since i met you, i was thunderstruck. I love you for almost eight years. but, i couldn` t talk to you. Because, i am not as outstanding as you.

Me: but-

Christian: Yes! i am next to your position always. Yet, you`re so popular. and i wanted to be popular as you so you`ll like me. You know, my heart is always hurt every time i heard some rumors about you having a crush or a relationship with some other guy. i always love you, Ena. It is just i am too shy to tell you that i love you so much. My love for you is always inside this stupid silence. That`s all. You`re fine now? so?

Me: Thanks for that revelation.

he rose and was about to leave. Luckily, i had the guts to stop him. I held his hands and ambled towards him. I drew towards him and kissed him fervently. When we kissed i sensed, light of love shined and sparkles of love showered over us. When our kiss ended, i spoke. his eyes were glimmering.

Me: Christian, you are my first love and my only love. I love you too. I loved you like how i love my studies, my guitar, and my family. Yet, right now, since you revealed that amazing secret within you, i can say, i can proudly say, my love for you is forever and greater than my love for my family.

He smiled at me and it was the nicest and prettiest smile i`ve ever seen. he held my chin and we kissed once more like there`s no end. And, for my conclusion, there is also love inside the stupid silence.


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