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      I miss my love.


Ive been hanging with my friend alot lately. I havent been able to see my boyfriend. I miss him so bad it hurts. My friend has feelings for me and i dont have feelings for him. I lost them alittle. I just want a normal friendship but what we did, I dont think he would do that. It pains him. Were not even together and he gets jealous. I cheated and that was wrong. My boyfriend dont know. I should just talk to my friend, tell him we need to stop. I know its wrong and I feel terrible what i did. In my last story (we should be friends thats it..) Atleast its something like that. you know everything. First read best friend lovers then that. And youll understand whats going on. Anyways Im going to hangout with my other friend. My friend that i hang out with already is jealous. Of course. Im texting him now and i told him dont be sad for you not seeing me tomorrow. We have been hanging out like almost everyday. He said "ill try not to miss you.." I just roled my eyes. Why did this happen. I thought to myself, how can i make this stop. I miss my boyfriend so much, i have feeling he misses me too. But i feel so faraway from him, my heart just wants to soar the sky and fall into his arms. I love him so much. I want to see Him tomorrow, at least ill try. I miss his blue eyes, that smile that shines and his arms around me holding my tight. Its breaking my heart. I dont want to mess things up with him. its been 2 an a half months now and i love everyminute of everyday with him. I just have to get my friends feeling for me to go away. He keeps on wanting to kiss me. i want him to stop. It will. Ill make sure of it. Just my boyfriend, its like when i think of him my heart beats fast and my thoughts run out of my mouth. People look at me wondering what im talking about. They asked, i said im talking about my love, the one i miss so deeply. I miss my love and it hurts me not to get to see him alot.


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