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      Friends That should be it....


Okay. Well me and my bestfriend were at the park. Hangin out. I have a boyfriend. Just saying. Anyways, we were at this place in the park. We layed down next to eachothere. I told him i knew how he felt about me all along. He stared and then just looks down. I told him i shouldnt of said anything. he said no its fine im glad you know. I was so confused. Well the next thing he did...I kinda feel like a cheater. He kissed me. Kept on. We made out. My thoughts in my head was oh no, What am i doing. I told him we should stop. He wouldnt. Finally he did, but he kissed me again. Okay so to get him to stop, i said lets go to hucks(a Gas station). To get some sodas. while we were walkin he said look. I did and HE KISSED ME! Im thinking what the hell. I thought we would stop this and forget about it. Oh no i was wrong. Some how i didnt mind. He was my ex though and in my last story it said that. My story was bestfriend lovers. Anyways I felt so bad for doing this, Because i had a boyfriend, that i truely love and dont want to mess things up. By now this kissing thing got out of hand. I told him we need to stop. He of course didnt. We walked to hucks finally. Got our sodas, and went back to the park. Everytime he kept stoppin and kissed me. I was so confuesd. So hurt because I guess i lied to myself. I told myself i dont cheat. Well this right here. Yeah its cheating. We got back to the park, well again. madout. He said my friend and his. Is going to come here. He kept kissing me. I was scared because if he did come and see, hes friends with my boyfriend. So was Telling him we should stop. His reaction was "but ____ its wrong but feels so right" I laughed my ass off. Well My mom texted me. Say she would meet me up at the reg park. The thing me and him were at was right down from it. well we went down further. My mom pissed as hell, Came driving full speed down the road from where we were at. If i stayed there it would look like me and him were doing more. (which we didnt so yeah) I ran as fast as i could sayin i was by another thing. Gladly she didnt notice. Okay well point is, i really dont want this friendship to be like this. We she be friends thats it. Not friends with a passion. Well If you have any questions. comment and ill answer. Im writting these everyday. telling you whats new.


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