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      End the end i get no one.


I fell in love with my best friend who i met in junior high. It was a long distance friendship. Funny thing i met him on this chat site. And from then on we started talking and had actual conversations. We also texted each other.

So one day after his current boyfriend and him split up he sort of came on to me.Till this day he regrets ever have done that to me or with me , but for some reason i wanted him i did not fall in love with him because of that.

One day i decided to tell hhim how i felt by saying, "I l-love..." but then stopped he knew what i was going to say.

He said he only wanted to be friends and such.

The more i kept hanging out with him after that the more i had grown to love him even more. so it was untill this very day. August 6,2011. When I told him again and actually had the courage to do so.

I told him how i felt how i always put his needs before mine so then and finally he said "I do not want you to be in the same foot steps as me, and im sorry to say i highly doubt you will ever have a chance with me ."

Onnce he said that it shattered my heart. . . hoping that i would never fall in love ever again.


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