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      Looking for Miss Wrong


I'd had my heart broken before and swore never again. In desperation I went to see a psychic who told me that my Prince of Wands was just around the corner. This prince would bring me fun, laughter and maybe even happy ever after.

I met Tim through an online ad. He was looking for Miss Wrong. We exchanged many emails and finally met. I drunk far too much and told him how I might still be in love with my ex. I thought that I'd found someone really special and messed it up. He forgave me and moved to Norwich to be with me while I finished Uni. After 11 months he proposed and I was so happy. Even if I'd maybe pushed him into it before he was ready, even if I had to choose my own ring.

I finished Uni and we moved back to Yorkshire. For our anniversary I had his name tattooed on the sole of my foot- on my soul right. Pretty painful, shouldn't have got the bus home after. It was at the end of a rainbow. I'd found my gold and everything was going to be alright. Soon after things started falling apart. I hate Yorkshire, I couldn't get a job and worst of all Tim stopped loving me. The ring came off and on and off for a year. And I stayed with him sacrificing everything else because I love him so much. I stayed with him for a year and then yesterday I walked out. I cant bear the pain, I love him so much, we were supposed to be married yesterday and instead I feel like my heart is being ripped to shreds. In my dreams he comes to my Mums house with a rose and gets down on one knee and says that he's realised how much he loves me and doesn't want to live without me. But that's not him and I'm Miss Wrong when all he really wanted was Miss Right. So I'll try and resist the urge to leave this shite life, I'll put bars on my heart and maybe one day I'll get the tattoo changed to Time wounds all heels after all nothing can hurt more than this.

If you ever read this Tim I love you my ghosts are finally gone and I just want to be with you and make you happy.


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