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      BestFriend Lovers.


I met this dude through my friend. At first I was shy to meet him. Then i did. We started going out. We kept on going on and off. I was breaking up with him. He never broke up with me. first reason i broke up with him is i thought he wanted someone else and he could do better. Second was i was dating this guy but after i broke up with that guy, like an hour later he asked me out. My friend grabbed my phone, saying yes. He said great. I texted back saying that it was my friend that said it. I told him i needed time. I felt horrible. The third time. i hated myself for this. It didnt seem like we were dating. I felt like a cold hearted bitch. I wanted to get back with him but he was afraid of getting hurt again. I hate hurting people. Anyways this guy named todd (a friend of mine since 1st grade)asked me out I said yes. June 5th is when we started going out. Its August 5th and we are still going strong, still together. Me and my ex started to become besties. He still had feeling for me. I know he does. He always flirts. I dont tell him that i know though. it might ruin our friendship. That day at the park, Me and him were laying down. Looking at the sky and listening to music. He hugged me, Looked me in my eyes,and came so close, our lips barley touched. We didnt kiss though. I started having feelings for him again. I want to tell him i know that he has feeling for me all along. I do badly. I thought If i did tell him, it might ruin this friendship. He has half of my heart. I guess he will never know. Im with someone and happy. Just wish He would tell me face to face, have one last kiss. To just get the feelings out and move on. Someday Maybe. or Maybe not. I love him. Thats a promise. ( But I love my boyfriend more though with all my heart)


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