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      A Chain Curse


Im Mr. Dare Devil. I first fell inlove when im still 1st year high school, that time i became a bridge between my friend and my Classmate. I fell inlove with my classmate and waited till they broke up and its a miracle that we became lovers. My friend has a crush on my classmates friend. That time im so happy, but as all stories there is an end 5 months later we broke up. Because they are going to migrate, its a very unhappy moment for me. but i moved on.

After graduation i already forgot her, since she leave we dont have any communication. when i was in first year college I feel inlove again to my former classmate, she is the best friend of my friends ex-girlfriend and friend of my ex. She busted me at first, and my freinds ex-girlfriend shows sympathy to me and for the third time i feel Inlove with my friends ex girlfriend. She became my girlfriend and we are very happy, but these time comes that her father notice our relationship anf ask my girlfriend to broke up with me. Its a very painfull feeling when she is conffesing me that. But i have no more reasons to contradict it. I left her when she is still saying it to me. And after a week or two the one who busted me conffess that she is still in love with me and we started again, after 1 month we broke up because of miss understanding. That time i left my province and go to manila to study. then suddenly my ex-girlfriend who has a very strict parents texted me and said, I love you and i cant live without you. and after many conversations we started again. After months i dont recieve any txt from her. Im still waiting when she sends a text saying she needs to broke up with me again because shes pregnant and i cried because we dont have sex before not even one. All i can do is to cry.

After a month she texted me again saying she still inlove with me, saying that she wants me to help her abort the child because it is a fruit of lust not love. I was thinking the whole day, and suddenly i make my dicision, i texted her back saying, dont abort that child its a sin, continue that baby. Thinking that taking that dicision is a dicision that says that we will no longer and no chance to be us again.

And after 1 year I already moved on. And my Ex-girlfriend thanking me for opening her eyes on truth.


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