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      I hate to be inlove, but then..


I hate to be in love, really. I was like thrown up by my Ex-boyfriends before. They are going to make me fall in love with them, then going to left me hanging. But when I found Louie, I really found love. He made me his princess whenever he is in our town. And when he is out of the country, he never fails to surprise me with all those flower delivery from Manila Florist. Even my mom gets surprises from him, I mean how can I just stop loving him with all those he does for me.

He has been away from us for 3months, yes us. I have a life inside my womb waiting for him next month to be with us until I give birth. And as he said, after giving birth we will arrange our papers for our Marriage and Baptism of our child. I love Louie so much, and hopefully you can find one for you, too.


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