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      Love is all i want


i felt like a girl loser.

a nobody.

then an girl comes and greets me despite my flaws and tomboy attitude.

then a month later we were the bests of friends.

till the next year we drifted and drifted so far that i thought my heart was going to snap like a rubber band.

till i realized.

that she was just wanted to use me for a experimental sex doll whilst i was just 7 and she 8. i finally stopped it kept it to my self not telling my parents nor hers and just letted us drift. till 5yrs later we met again her saying "go away fugly *itch!" i pushed her and she grabbed my ankle till i stepped on her face she released crying in pain till i ran she caught up with me and punched my face and i punched her head where it sank in the middle a bit i kicked dirt in her face walked off somebody came in front of me asked why i did that . i pushed them carefully aside looked at them and just said "i am who i am" then i left them processing. i was so popularity straved that i got a not so good friend.

Myself discovery


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