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Okay so there is this girl at my school who uses me, like she condtantly kept pestering me if i have money so she can borrow it and also she steals my stuff. I just wish she would stop. She also has no social grace, this part i really hate. There was this girl i just met, and we were talking and then all of a sudden my otger friend, the bad one, just gets mad at me cuz i was talking to her, also she later warmed upbto my new friend, then all of a sudden mean friend was yelling at new friend! Oh my gosh, that was so annoying. Also she lies to me and calls me names like she calls me fat. Wtfudge is she talking about? I am 40 pounds less then her, maybe fifty. Also she talks trash about this really nice girl. And when the nice girl was talking to a person, (btw we were watching despicable me since it was a rainybday) the nice girl and my mean friend laughed. Then the mean friend was really snyde and said "oh thats not funny anymore, " just because the nice girl laughed. Grrrr!


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