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      Young love..


This story may seem stupid to some, being I was so young but this story is true even though it may seem as it is not. I was 12 and he was thirteen. We met because his ex was my bestfriend at the time. I was looking for nothing more than a text buddy. I fell hard. and fast. We started dating five days after we first met... I didnt know what it was this just seemed so different.. so real. The first time he said i love you it wasnt the same as all of the other times. He actually loved me as i loved him. It was amazing and everything was perfect. We were almost tore apart when our first summer apart came around but we stayed strong that whole first year. As eighth grade came changes came and thats when i started to realize that this may just last forever... Years passed and we grew closer and closer. By my senior year we were still together. We looked at colleges together, we practically lived together at that point. Our love was so real it was unimaginable. He did want to serve in the military, we graduated and both went to the university of florida. That first year he served was agonizing. I had never felt so much pain in my life. I mustered through some how and he came back on that june 16 and proposed to me. The dream i had since i was 12 had came true. I was getting married to my first and last love. We got married as soon as his fourth year was done. We are so happy and I am pregnant now. We waited till we were married to have sex of course. I feel like this was a good story to share and despite what you all may think, it is true.


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