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      A story of love


July 18th 1987 twenty four years ago we were in a casino Sparks Nevada. This beautiful young girl put $3 in a slot machine on our way out of the casino and she won. She screams with joy, looks at me and says I have enough money to buy you a wedding ring, lets get married . Of course I agreed she was gorgeous, young and we were having so much fun together. I think this was the moment I really fell in love with her. We had been together only two weeks, I drove truck and was in my hometown when we met. I will never forget that day for sure. It was July 4th I was visiting some friends of mine while in town drinking a few beers and smoking some good pot. (yes I am a pot smoker) . I was 34 year old living a fairly wild life as a truck driver meeting lots of women all over the country. I really never understood why but the women sure seemed to find me when I was in a town and I am a man I had no problem with it. Back to meeting her, she came in with another friend of ours and she was a cutie. She was young and I was not trying to pick up on her my agenda was visiting my friends while in town. We were all talking and I mentioned about going to California my next trip I was leaving on Monday. She asks me if she could go along and if she could work for me. I got some more information from her she was 18 ( I actually ask for ID) graduated from High School and free to do what she wanted. I told her sure meet me at my truck Sunday night I was leaving early Monday morning. Sunday night she showed up we talked and walked around a local lake and fed the ducks. We then went back to my truck and slept together until morning. On Monday we stopped at her moms house to get her clothes (and a really big box of shoes lol) we drove to my first pick up and I showed her how to do inventory ( I moved peoples furniture for a living). We finished the job and I wanted this night to be a little special so I got us a hotel room ( I normally just stayed in the truck ). I have been with lots of very beautiful women over the years , but there was something about this girl she was more than just young and sexy it was something inside her that I could just feel. I got us checked in and went down to store to get us some soda and snacks. When I got back to the motel room she had changed into a sexy nightgown. Now I was 34 but she was of legal age and her own choosing, I climbed into bed with her and as we are having sex she looks up at me and says I think I am falling in love with you of course I said I am too. I was having the time of my life and for the next two weeks were unbelievable how much fun we had together. And this is how we got to the point of Sparks Nevada and getting married. We got married in a little wedding chapel and I think that is when I realized I really was in love with her. Things were going great I had never had so much fun, it seemed everything we touched turned to magic then one night in Santa Cruz California I woke up from a really strange dream and I knew things were about to change. We started fighting well sort of I cant fight I am all about love and magic and in every relationship I have ever been in I can not fight and argue, it just does not work for me and that can be frustrating. She would slap me and I would tell her I love her. I know she loved me I could see it but I could also see she felt trapped. At around this time I had a talk with her grandmother and she told me if I really really loved her I would let her go free. It was very hard and she left while I was loading a shipment heading to New England states. I came home and she was loading the last of her things, I tried so hard not to cry Im still not sure if she seen the tears or not. It was so hard but I knew it was for the best because I really did love her and she felt trapped and not happy. I filed for a divorce right away because I knew that was the only way she could be completely free again. After she left ( I did not know or want to know where she was staying) she would stop by at times we would have sex and then she would leave, it was so hard I can still remember the pain. Our divorce was final on valentines day (of course) she came over to visit and we had the best sex session for a good bit of the day. (This was the last time we ever had sex) After this she disappeared for a little then she ask me to help her move into her new boyfriends house about 50 mile away. I did but it was so hard seeing them be all loving each other the tears were just raging to get out. After this I did not see her much once in awhile when I was in the area where she worked I would stop and say hi it was very hard I still loved her with all my heart and I just could not give up the hope someday when she was ready she would return to me. As the years went by and she changed jobs I would see her less and less. I went through lots of quick relationships trying to somehow replace her but it would never work I was still so much in love with her. A little over 5 years later I met a girl that went to school with her and reminded me a lot of her. But this girl had gone through a very bad violent marriage and had a lot of hate in her. But me I had so much love inside of me that I could shower on her and I really believe in the magic of love. I was still very much in love with the other girl I knew by now it would never go away. But giving as much love to this new person that had so much hate and anger helped me very much. We were together 10 years and we decided to get married I still though about the other almost every day something would remind me of her. You have no idea how 15 years of this can effect someone emotionally. But I think Im strong and I just learned to deal with it. On my wedding day it was rough though I kept looking to see if she would show up and stop the wedding. I loved this girl I was marrying very much Its just that I was still in love. I tried not to talk about it but when the subject came up I never lied about still loving my other wife. We have been with each other 15 years now altogether and have had on the most part a very good marriage. But lately I have been visiting with my other wife (just as friends) the feeling s I had for her never went away and now that I see her I never realized I could love someone so much. But I can not say anything or touch her. She has aged into a very beautiful woman and has a beautiful daughter that I accidentally met a couple of days ago. I have seen so many visions of us together as a family so perfect. But it is just a dream and the odds are one in a million but I cannot give up hope I love her and miss her so much. I cannot remember the last day that has gone I I did not cry missing her and wanting her to return. ☮♥


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