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Sarah Williams. Her name. Daniel Morgan was her lover. When they were young lovers, they were not sweet or something. Daniel was a unique kind of a boyfriend. He is serious, smart,he often talks, often smiles, and often say i love you. During their monthsary and anniversary, he usually give her necklaces with different shapes of lockets.Until their fifth anniversary came, while she was walking alone she spotted her boyfriend talking with her best friend, Isabella. Shockingly, he kissed her on her cheek. Sarah` s shoulders fell and her gift for daniel was dropped. Tears rained and the sad skies even joined her. Daniel` s eyes widened in terror when he saw her while Isabella just shot her a crooked smile. Sarah was tounge-tied. She stepped backwards and ran away. Daniel followed her but she was quick to fade away. 7 years later...

From England, Daniel came. He was now a professional doctor and he was assigned to have an operation with a patient who had a heart disease. When he was having a lunch at the canteen, he caught a glimpse of a familiar person. She was lovely. she has adoring violet eyes and red pursing lips. He tried to recall her but he couldn` t reminisce the past so he ignored it. Day 26. The operation. Sarah murmured in her mind. She quivered in fear. A sudden, someone emerged from her sight. he was cute and handsome. he was in his nerdy glasses yet he still had the gorgeous look.

Doctor: Ma` am be ready for the operation.

Sarah: Sure.

she stood up and proceeded to the operating room. Everything dimmed in her sight.In her sleep, she saw daniel talking to her but she couldn` t hear his voice. Later, he jotted down something on a green paper saying 143445254. She also responded on the letter and wrote, i love you, too. then she was blinded by the light. She woke up and was alive. A few days later, Daniel was alone in his room. While he was searching something on his table, a profile of his patients fell. Stunned, it was Sarah on the profile. he froze when he knew that he saw her and knew that he cured her and saved her from death! He went out of his house and searched for her. But he paused when he found no sign of her around the place. he stood by the cafe and lingered. he was mesmerized by the news. His heart pounded so fast. he didn` t know why. The newscaster said, a plane was crashed and many people died...The newscaster named them. But in amazement, Sarah was included to the number of deaths on the accident. Daniel wept and ran away. he crossed the road without looking and until he was- CRASSSHHHH He died. Years later,I was alone sitting by the river. My eyes gazed the whole site. Yet what my eyes caught my attention was the bottle flowing down the river. I seized it and opened the bottle and read the letter. It was two letters actually. One was saying, 143445254- I love you so much. and the other saying, I love you, too.


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