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      Expect the Unexpected


In this crazy highschool world, i tasted different types of flavor. A flavor of hurt, failures, and most of all the sweetest and the During my freshman year, i used to be chubby but cute. But i was short. I was always envious of my classmates because all of them are all extremely gorgeous! i also had this animosity with my classmate John. Well, i have to admit this, he is super cute! Yet he always piss me off and play pranks on me. I always get mad and furious.During the last day of classes, a program was held in our school.It was sponsored by the sophomore years. The show went on with some dance numbers. But a very cute guy with nerdy glasses caught my attention. I started to have a crush on him. When John knew about it, he kept on glaring at me. I didn`t know why. Sophomore year came... I became a little thin but still i looked chubby and i became more whiter. Day by day, i saw him and knew his name, Ralph. My classmates always tease me on him and i knew that he knew it that i had a total crush on him. But what my eyes captured was the murderous glare of John over Ralph. Once again, i ignored it. Months passed... i still had a crush on ralph. My classmates always advise me to have a balanced diet and exercise. Of course i did but with not too much dedication. Suddenly, one day, someone texted me. He said his name was jb. Since that day we became textmates. Only that he became malicious and he always speak about the private parts of my body. When i came to school, i swiftly knew who that was and it made me avoid him. It was Ralph. Yet i became jealous when i knew that he had a crush on my classmate, Mikaela. Well, she is pretty. And it gave me strength to work out. When summer arrived, I strive hard to become slim and pretty. Junior year came... my classmate john noticed me but not everybody. They all adored me and well, Ralph did too. The most anticipated moment of every teenagers came, the Prom Night. I was in a white ball gown and i turned out like a japanese doll. Stunned, I saw John in his white tuxedo and it matches my gown. My eyes also caught Ralph` s.He came towards me and asked for a dance. I refused and said, "After i became pretty you approached me but before you always prank me." He left and i stood alone at the center hall. Yet someone took a notice of me and asked me to have a dance. It was my dear John.after that dance, he handed me a letter saying, I love you. I blushed and he kissed me under the different colors of dancing lights and we kissed and swayed together with the music. i couldn` t believe it that it was only him that adores me for the whole highschool years.


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