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      Left with a broken heart


this story beginsl ike no other..... the girl/guy likes the other person but the one they like doesnt know.

it was the first day of high skool and thats when i saw him and fell in love . we had 3 classes together . he became my lab partner and i thought hey theres a chance.... and i was right . about 3 weeks after skool started he asked me out on a date . it was like any other date ....the movies . i had lots of fun after about 2 months of going out this new girl came into our skool and he found her very good lookin . everyday in class he would stare at her . one day it had been enough and i said to him he needed to stop flirting. and so he stoped but then i found out he was cheatin on me with her . and then we broke up and never spoke again.


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