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      King and Queen of Hearts


The saying, the more you hate; the more you love is just an opinion to other people. Some might believe but some don`t. Yet i can still remember the time when i was in high school.i used to have this silly but super cute classmate namely Christian. He is naughty but the school` s heartthrob. I was so confused why. Every time he sees me, he always tease me and call me white lady because i am so white. We always fight and quarrel. Until the js prom came. i was in a black chiffon gown and a red pussycat. i looked like a vampire. The theme was a Halloween prom night. As i crossed the threshold, i saw people staring at me. They were in awe. I saw their eyes in amazement. all of them are wearing red and white gown with a fancy dirt on the skirts. all of them are like demons, white ladies, fairies, and etc. The boys are in vampire motifs. But what caught my attention was the tall guy in black tux and black necktie. he was smirking at me. I knew who` s that guy. That` s Christian. I swiftly ambled towards him and complained, "What are you smirking at?" he said, "Nothing. You just look like a vampire from hell." and then i protested, "Duh! Why? is there a vampire from heaven? At least I am the prettiest vampire in hell." He laughed out loud that made me irritated. "In your dreams,Nahsleen." then he walked out of my sight. I was so annoyed every time he` s around. It was already 11 in the evening and when the clock strikes twelve the king and queen of hearts will be announced. so i was standing at the corner with my four friends when i felt something painful in my feet. I took off my right shoe and I had a shoe sore. I pardoned myself from my friends and went outside. I sat in the golden pavilion. I was so busy curing the shoe sore on my heel when another song was played. the song was last dance by justin bieber. the minute i looked up, Christian was standing in front of me. His hands were trembling and i don`t know why. I said, "What brought you here?! You want to piss me off? Go and look for someone who looked more miserable than me. I am busy here." I told him coldly. Then he started to speak, "Can i have this dance?" he asked and it made froze. i was in the state of devastation. He spoke again,"Please? I am so sorry if i always made you angry and hurt but the truth is since i saw you i said, i want you to be my girlfriend, my lover, my partner, and wife till the end of time." I stood up with bare feet. "How come you just said that? You know what, i felt like an idiot every time you call me, white lady, bird poo, and more." I spoke genuinely but deep inside i was crying. There was silence. a complete silence. He knelt down in front of me and said, "Will you please forgive me? I love you Nashleen. I don` t want to die without your love." I rolled my eyes and tears poured down to my chin. " Really?" i paused and continued, " I love you Christian. Since the first day we met, i was so thunderstruck but when you started to tease me, i vowed not to love you. Yet, because you always make me laugh and make me smile. I knew that i really, really love you." The song converted into the romantic song I`ll be by edwin maccain. "Shall we dance?" i queried. He nodded,stood back in place and we danced with the melody of the song. We continued dancing until we noticed people were looking at us and taking a picture of us dancing. We just beamed a smile, ignored them, and continued dancing. Then, the clock stroked at twelve and the school` s head announced the king and queen of hearts. Do you know who are those? that was us. We walked to the stage with hands swaying and stood in front of thousands of students including the teachers. They crowned us as the king and queen of hearts. We walked off the stage and the last song was played and it was the song Destiny by jim brickman. We danced once again. Staring at each other with enchantment and we had the first and romantic kiss. Starting that night, we became as one until the present.


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