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Love is really unpredictable. It just enters your world without any permission. my life became enchanted when love gave me him yet love made me learn that too much love will make me suffer and feel the pain. I used to be serious and lonely when i was in elementary until a cute guy came into view and made my heart leaped to my throat. That guy used to pass in front of the classroom and made me smile. yet that time i was so confused of my feelings. The salakayan festival came and i was so fortunate that he was there. I was watching the presentation and he was standing there right beside me. I didn`t know what to do. A sudden my classmate told me to sit next to her and he also sat there. But when he saw me, he stood up and gave a space so i can sit. starting that day, seeing him became like a usual hobby. My classmates also helped me to get close with him. Because of that, he began to avoid me until my graduation came. High school came... I saw him walking home with his three handsome friends. I caught a glimpse of him and we had an eye to eye contact. I was so thrilled! on that day, we became textmates for one or two minutes for i was in globe and he` s in smart! Yet, luckily, during my mournful birthday, he greeted me through text and it made my birthday enchanting especially when he asked if he can court me! Yet i turned him down because i knew that i was still young for that kinds of stuff. Beginning that night, we became textmates but during october our communication ended and i often saw him walking in front of me for some private but ludicrous reasons that i really don`t know. (that is according to him)During summer, i spotted him everywhere when i had a vacation in my grandma` s house. We greeted each other;only that my love for him changeth when i heard that he already had a girlfriend. I cried at home and vowed not to love someone who can`t love me back.Funny, i accidentally pour all over my body the icy cold water in the bathroom. Because of him, i constantly fall in love with other guys whom i barely know. Still, i am hoping that love will make a way for us to be lovers until the end of time. Gladly i learned the true color of love. Love can cause happiness but when love has some prophecies it will made you turn down badly as if it was holy week or more than that.


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