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      Should I feel bad about this?


I've always been the one who was looking for that fairytale romance, but soon I grew to eager to love someone, and have someone special in my life, and I figured I waited long enough, and I need to stop looking for something that will never happen! so I ended up dating this guy who I was in lust with, I thought eventually I would grow to love him, so I decided that I would give myself to him, and I did, he took my virginity that night, ever since then things have never been the same, he ended up leaving me soon after, I thought that I could never love anyone again, 1 year later, I end up running into a friend of his (I had no idea it was his friend) and we ended up hanging out, soon we became real good friends, and I started coming over on a daily basis, then I saw his roommate, he was charming, and mysterious, also very handsome, but he had a girlfriend, so I didn't give it another thought, so anyway, I was hanging out there a lot, and one day, I see the guy that I once thought I was in love with, he was there, and he came and sat right next to me, he didn't even say a word, it was like that for a while, then everyone figured out what happened between us, it was very hard for me to deal with that all over again, and that mysterious roommate was confused on what was going on, so one day I called down there asking for my friend, and the roommate answered, and we ended up talking for hours about me and my "love", I came to find out that he was his step-brother! we ended up talking a lot, and I met his girlfriend, and began to get close with all of them, then one day me and my "love" started talking again, everyone was shocked! so his step-brothers (mysterious roommates) girlfriend took me in the room and we had a little "girl talk" and I found out that her and her boyfriend were together for 3 years, then I filled her in about me and his brother, somewhere in the conversation, she ended up telling me that she really liked "my love" which is her boyfriends brother, and not to tell anyone, so I promised, me and her boyfriend became very close, and he told me if he didn't have a girlfriend he would love to have me to be his! and he didn't know how I felt about him, so I was flattered! later on that night I told him how I felt, and he was very happy to hear it, and he ended up telling me everything about his relationship, and totally opened up to me, that's when I knew I was falling fast, and hard, then he told me that he doesn't know why I was still in a chase after his brother, because his brother only knows how to hurt girls, and I could do much better than that, and I was feeling bad because I knew his girlfriend was going behind his back and flirting with his brother, I tried not to say anything, but I hate to see him get stepped on like that, eventually, I told him, he was crushed, but then at the same time, he was relieved, he wanted me, but he wasn't about to throw away a relationship 3 years long for someone he's known for 6 weeks, the sad thing is that he was faithful to her and she wasn't to him, and now, he knows and I am more in love with him, than words can speak.

I don't know what to do now because I'm stuck in the middle, she's my friend, I love him, and I know everyone in our group will try to split us up if we are to see each other because they've known her longer and grown attached to her, I feel like I'm the bad person here, am I??


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